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You’re Never Alone.

All classes at Tapout Fitness Woodland Hills, CA are led by our highly trained, carefully selected Master Trainers. And their focus is always on you. You will receive personalized attention while feeling part of the group … no matter what size class or what time of day.

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Tapout strike

Tapout Strike was designed by our experts to teach you the signature striking combinations used by today’s world champions in a fun and friendly environment. Have a blast kicking, punching and sweating your way through countless rounds on our heavy bags, as our coaches lead you every step of the way.

Tapout sweat

Tapout Sweat is a highly addictive, results-driven workout combining kettlebells, battle ropes and the modern equipment used by today’s champions to get you in peak condition. Get in phenomenal shape and have fun while doing it.

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Nobody’s in better shape than pro boxers, and if you’re experiencing stress, our punching bags may be the cure. We’ve incorporated all the most effective elements of a professional boxers training regimen into a fun aerobic workout that is perfect for weight loss and toning, while learning how to properly punch and kick.

Just like the adult sweat class, this high energy class for kids is a great way to wear them out while having a blast! Through the use of obstacle course, games, and exercises, your children will be challenged in the best ways possible!

Tapout Kids Kickboxing is based on the Jackson Mixed Martial Arts program and is an introduction to the world of martial arts. Students will learn traditional martial arts values such as respect, focus, and discipline in an environment that cultivates personal growth. Class consists of physical and mental exercises, mixed martial arts techniques, and games that are designed to benefit students both physically and mentally while sharpening their techniques.